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Is the classification of developers...

Day-in, day-out, developers label themselves as junior, mid-level or senior to indicate their level of experience. Classifying experience, either self-qualifying or by employers’ without an agreed industry standard means that job title and experience don’t always line-up with our interpretation of their skills and project exposure compared to others in the job market. What we […]

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Right brain vs. left brain

Does a genuine ‘full-stack develo...

The availability of full-stack developers is something I am asked about regularly. On the surface, it’s a dream ticket, but it is vital we understand what the term actually means and manage expectations accordingly. Hiring full stack developers has an enormous appeal to hiring managers when building a team and operating within a budget and […]

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Office with empty desks

With an increasing number of softwa...

Global pandemics and political trade agreements can have enormous power to disrupt job markets, just in case anyone was still unsure. But when remote working is normalised in a market that is already suffering a skill shortage, what’s stopping globalisation from being the next big driver to mould the tech sector, and is this something […]

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Why company culture has become a ma...

The last couple of years have been interesting in recruitment. Albeit a time fraught with uncertainty and a level of anxiety about the future of job security and new opportunities, amongst the chaos, we’ve seen key issues come to the fore, – the gender pay gap, combating unconscious bias, and many brands stepping-up accountability on […]

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Website code on laptop screen

Why COVID seemingly less impacts th...

Software development and technology firms appear to be relatively unscathed when it comes to job losses, compared to other industries who are suffering the brunt of covid-related unemployment. The rate of UK unemployment rose to 4.5% in the last quarter, the highest it has been in two years. Despite this, software and technology companies seem […]

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Office with Purple decorations

Five years on with Pancreatic Cance...

Better Placed has been proudly supporting Pancreatic Cancer Action for five concurrent years. Kate Siegel, our business manager in London, sadly lost her dear mum to pancreatic cancer and has since been an active ambassador of the cause. Since then, Kate has raised more than £30,000 for the charity whose main goals are to raise […]

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Timing your job search ahead of the...

Perfectly timing a job search is a tricky business. With the usual recruitment peaks and troughs we observe throughout the year all out of balance, the lead up to the end of the year is a time we would usually see a slow decline in applications but perhaps this year is the time to make […]

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Back to it!

With new ways of working defined and implemented and a series of “deep cleans” completed, it’s been amazing to see some faces in the actual flesh over the last couple of weeks as BPR returns to the office! Of course we are following official guidelines to ensure the safety of those who are comfortable to […]

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Better Placed Mid Year Event (Via Z...

June is usually a big month in the Better Placed annual social calendar, with out annual client race day at York as well as a mid year business catch up at the Better Placed Sports Day. Really tough not being able to do either of those this year but we will be back bigger and […]

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International Women’s Day...

Chatting to my 16 year old daughter this week, she asked me if there is an International Men’s Day? When I replied that there wasn’t, she said “well I don’t understand why women have to have one.” Talking to her further and underpinning her comment is that she feels she is growing up in a […]

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