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Avery: The world's first AI employee!

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author: Jonathan Moran

I’m passionate about technology, innovation and improving the careers of every single person I work alongside. It has propelled my career and led me to found the Better Placed Tech team two and a half years ago. Now it’s led me to Avery, the world’s first artificial intelligence employee.

Avery can close up to 70 full stack tickets a week, run thousands of simultaneous projects and take the mundane tasks away from your team, enabling them to work on creative and business changing projects. Don’t believe us? She’s already done it for 180 businesses - now is the chance to be a first mover.

Avery earns a living wage but her speed of production means she can deliver a standard weeks output for 10% of the cost. 

Artificial intelligence can be contentious to businesses and professionals for so many reasons, firstly the sheer overwhelm of work it can seem to build and implement a full strategy. Well, I’m happy to tell you AI is probably already in your business; when your email auto fills a response as you type, when you use a chat function to enquire about a service online, when you use Alexa in your home for quick answers.

Avery is just another example of this kind of AI innovation; something which slots into your life and business seamlessly and adds value to what you’re doing right away. Basically, a quick win without a huge team investment.

There can be fear when technology like this is implemented to market but instead I invite you to see it as an opportunity. Steps forward into systems like this don’t strip out the need for human developers or tech professionals but instead allow them to rapidly accelerate their careers so they can work on projects that really flex their creative and technical muscles rather than spending years in lower level positions.

The CEO of February, Avery’s founding organisation says of her, ‘Whilst we are obviously breaking new ground with Avery, we want to stress that she has not been created to replace developers' jobs; she is designed to work alongside human developers to significantly reduce the time and effort required to write code, improve efficiency and accuracy, reduce errors, and improve scalability, all of which enable her human counterparts to focus on more critical tasks.”

With an ongoing project to monitor how Avery accelerates the career of a developer, this technology is game changing for the entire industry; from organisational productivity to the earning power and career of the professionals within. 74% of the developers who have worked alongside Avery have already reported that this technology has enabled them to focus on more satisfying tasks and 84% of the professionals we surveyed reported that they felt AI would help, not hinder their career’s.

Better Placed Tech have been invited to be an exclusive partner to February, the founding organisation behind this technology, I’ve known Mark Kuhillow, their Go-to-market Advisor for a long time now and was thrilled and excited when he came to me to work alongside the brand on implementing this technology into leading organisations throughout the country. It speaks to the innovation we’ve build and are proud to continue to build.