Sophie Brocklebank-Fowler

Senior Consultant

FMCG Marketing

0203 178 4681

What I recruit for :

FMCG Marketing

Why I joined BPR: 

Better Placed was immediately appealing to me because of the honest and friendly approach demonstrated from my first interview. I think their values and emphasis on meeting face-to-face really makes BPR stand out in the recruitment field and therefore accepting a position here was a no-brainer!

Why you should send me/us your CV:

My degree in English Literature has taught me the importance of research. This means I will make the effort to get to know you and ensure every role I suggest to you is a role I believe will suit you. I am a great listener and eager to help you achieve your ambitions!

The one thing you don’t know about me:  When I was 4 I crashed a tractor into a tree – the tree was fine, the tractor was not!