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Sabiya Akhtar

  • Position: Consultant

What I recruit for

I work in both the consumer and industrial markets recruiting roles across Operations, Supply Chain, Engineering and Technical functions.


Why I joined Better Placed

I joined Better Placed because the company aligned with my personal values. They were not KPI based recruiters but consultants who took the time and effort to learn their markets and people. I felt confident coming into a company that mirrored my own style of consultancy and can confidently see why they are a top 10 Employer!


Why send me your CV

To me recruitment isn’t just about filling a role, it’s about building relationships and ensuring two parties both come together finding the perfect fit for themselves and what matters to them. It’s an incredibly satisfying moment seeing the whole process come together.


One interesting fact about me:

I celebrate every moment in the most extravagant way. To celebrate getting my degree I went to Dubai to eat the world famous Matilda cake from Parker’s cafe in Dubai Mall.