Why it's worth considering working with us on an exclusive basis :

A number of our clients work with us on an exclusive basis. Our experience has shown that working in this way can be mutually beneficial and it makes the recruitment process easier, less time consuming and ultimately successful.

Working in partnership helps us to not only manage the campaign better, but also enables us to offer a much more consultative and detailed approach, where we can meet shortlisted candidates and give you more insight into their expectations and interest in your business and currently opportunity.

 Some of the benefits of working in this way are :

 Peace of Mind : Our track record in finding talent and filling roles is second to none and our unique approach and network, will give us the best opportunity to find you exactly what you are looking for and as quickly as possible.

 Time Saving : Working with one recruitment partner means one point of contact, one briefing conversation and the peace of mind that there is consistency in the briefing of candidates and positioning of the role and business.

 Improved Terms : We are more than happy to improve our fee % for opportunities where we are working on an exclusive basis.

 Advertising : We would offer the potential to support any recruitment campaign with the opportunity to advertise the role across various job boards as well as LinkedIn. This isn't always required or recommended but it is there as an option if deemed to be the right thing to do based on the requirement.

 Social Media Support : The opportunity to utilise Better Placed’s Social presence to support any campaign.

 Temp Solution : Discounted terms for a short term solution until a permanent candidate is ready to join the business.

Not all clients will be able or want to work on an exclusive basis, we totally appreciate the individuals view on this but there are often benefits to be gained by both sides. If you currently have a recruitment requirement and want to understand more about working with us generally or chatting through the exclusivity situation we would be more than happy to help. Either call us on one of the numbers below or contact us through info@betterplaced.com