Each requirement is assessed and the solution will be based on the specifics of the opportunity, the type of business you are, current market dynamics, where any role is based and also the level of the opportunity. Once these have been discussed in detail and we understand fully what you are looking for,  we can then scope the solution, drawing from the following resources :

 Partnered with an Expert : You will work with an expert in your market and /or the area you are looking to recruit. When working with a new client or contact we are more than happy to provide examples or references from clients where we have recruited similar roles to give you the added comfort that we have the experience and track record you are looking for.

 Candidate Network :

 Existing Network/Database – We are speaking to and meeting candidates daily and our existing “live” candidate database is second to none, with a number of these candidates choosing to work with us exclusively having built a relationship with us over a number of years. The “live” nature of this database enables us in the majority of cases to provide a shortlist of candidates in a relatively short period of time.

 Betterplaced.com –  The Better Placed Website is updated and refreshed regularly and was recently re-launched (Jan 2021). The site not only acts as a talent attraction tool, but it's also a live portal and hub for candidate and client information. Our blog covers newsworthy and industry insights and candidates have their own portal and log in so they are able to keep in touch with the business as and when they want to.

 Betteplaced.com advertising options : There are various options on our site that give us the ability to offer clients the opportunity to support any recruitment campaign with branded advertising and the option to mail to our database the details of a specific opportunity. These options are available to all clients that work and recruit with us to support any campaign or requirement.  

 Online Advertising : Better Placed partners with some of the UK’s leading job boards, our access to these platforms can be used to support our clients’ requirements be it a branded job advert or a campaign, we can support you with a multi-site advertising package. We also have experience of working with niche and industry specific publications so we’re able to provide some insight into alternative advertising options are available based on the clients’ needs. We will discuss the option of supporting any campaign with advertising at the point of briefing but this option can often tap into a “passive” market and provide a broader shortlist on occasions.

 LinkedIn and Social Media : We have an extensive following across all of the relevant social channels and this platform gives us a voice and opportunity to engage with an active talent pool. How we utilise these tools to support any recruitment campaign will be discussed at the point of briefing. Different requirements mean a different "social" approach, but it is an important channel when used in the correct way. We also have a LinkedIn company following of over 100,000, a valuable tool to tap into when looking for specific skills.

Industry Partners : 2024 has seen us partner with Prolific North again as their industry partner for recruitment. We will be working on a series of events and seminars throughout the year, engaging with the digital, marketing and tech communities to help support, look at new recruitment initiatives and source talent.

 D&I – please see the D&I part of this website to see what initiatives we are under taking in this area and how we can support any organisation in terms of their own D&I agenda.

 Exec Search /Headhunt – An important part of a campaign when used for the right requirement and in the correct way. Better Placed has an Executive Recruitment division called bpesearch who are specialists in executive search. We also have an “in-house” research offering that supports assignments that require an element of search or headhunt.  

If you would like to speak to us about anything in terms of recruitment, from a view on the current market, salary benchmarking, pulling together a role profile or a specific recruitment requirement, in the first instance contact

Dean Bartle @ deanbartle@betterplaced.com

Please review our client or candidates testimonials pages to get some idea of what it is like to work and recruit with Better Placed.