Top 10 Interview Prep Tips

Interviews are, obviously, very important, so to make sure you are as prepared as you can be – here is a list of the top 10 things to help you with your interview!

1. Do your research

Before you go to the interview, make sure you research the company, the market it sits within and its products and/or services. It is also worthwhile understanding who the organisations customers are and how they connect with them. Look into their competitors and the market as a whole.  All this preparation will help make selling yourself a lot easier, you can easily wow them with how much you have learnt about them and it really helps support how much you want the job.

2. Look good

Make sure you know exactly what you are going to wear for the interview, depending on the company can depend on how corporate they are. However, even if they have a casual dress code, still keep quite smart.  Make sure it’s an outfit you feel good in! Confidence is key – if you feel confident it can instantly set a good atmosphere. Also remember – wear a smile!

3. Sort out all the documents

You will need to remember to bring any possible documents they might need, such as extra copies of your CV and references, as well as paper to take notes down. Also remember to prepare questions to ask, it’s important to have some as you are likely to be asked…. Asking questions shows a level of engagement and interest in the role and organisation. Do not miss this opportunity!

4. Travel

Go over and over your travel route, make sure you know exactly where you’ll be going and what time you need to be there. Double check there are no road works – but plan another route just in case! Looking into parking options is also important. It will not look good if you turn up late, so make sure you are prepared.  If there is an unexpected delay, call ahead and let them know.

5. Review your CV

Before your interview, I recommend that you go over your CV. Interviews can put quite a bit of pressure on you, and you may forget to mention certain skills or experience you have that could be relevant to the job; so going over your CV will make sure it is fresh in your mind. It also means if your CV becomes the focus of your conversation, you are ready for any questions they may have.

6. Consider the negatives

If there is anything to be aware of here, a job that’s not worked out for example, make sure you have this covered and are prepared to answer questions on it. Be ready for the “what weaknesses do you have”, don’t be thrown by this and have something that can be also perceived as a strength/positive thing…. “I’m a workaholic” for example.

7. Anticipate questions

Try to go over any potential questions they may ask and prepare for them. Read our previous “Top 10 Tips” post on the “Top 10 toughest Interview Questions” to help you prepare! Prepare for all the usual questions and the obvious ones like “why are you interested in this position” or  “tell us what you know about our organisation”. Falling short on these questions is likely to get the interview off to a negative start.

8. Understand the job role

Go over the job description multiple times so that you understand it; figure out what skills and experience will be relevant for the job role so you can make sure to highlight these in the interview.

9. Contact your references

Make sure to contact all your references prior to the job interview so that they are aware they may be getting a phone call – they also need to be prepared!

10. What to remember

Finally, make sure that you remember the following on the day of the job interview:

  • Water – stay hydrated!
  • Mobile phone – so you can call if you need to, or use “maps” if you get lost. Make sure you turn it off though once the interview has started!
  • CV and references
  • Pen and notepad – so you can take down notes during the interview
  • Questions – remember to bring along some questions for the end of the interview
  • Photo ID
  • Money!

Hopefully these 10 tips will help you prepare best for you forthcoming interview, and we wish you luck!