Top 10 essential interview tips

Top 10 essential interview tips

So, you’ve made the decision to move on, sent out CVs and finally scored an interview for your ideal job.

They say that failing to prepare means preparing to fail, so what can you do before and during your interview to ensure you stand out for all the right reasons?

Here are 10 essential tips to help you land that dream job:

Do plenty of research:

Make sure you’ve read through the job description carefully and researched the company’s history, products & services, and industry trends. You will certainly be asked questions about the company and taking the time to understand their business and market will help you answer confidently. Check over your CV the night before too, and re-familiarise yourself with all the key achievement and problems you encountered & solved in each of your previous roles.

Prepare your answers:

Whilst there is no universal interview format, you can be fairly sure that certain questions will be asked. Preparing & practicing your answers to these common questions will help you come across as articulate and confident. Be careful though – make sure you listen to each question and understand what they are asking before reeling off a prepared answer to a slightly different question. Questions you’re likely  to be asked include those about your skills, why you want the job, the company and their products & services, your previous experience, your motivation, goals & ambitions and your hobbies & interests.

Dress to impress: 

What you wear to an interview can depend on the industry, but whatever you wear, it needs to be smart, clean and ironed! Gents can’t go too far wrong with a suit & tie or ladies with a skirt suit. Don’t forget to polish your shoes!

Turn up on time:

Sounds obvious, but turning up late to an interview gives a poor first impression. Make sure you know where you’re going and plan your route. Write down the address, and if you can, do a practice run. Aim to arrive 15-30 minutes before the interview – you can always go for a coffee nearby if you’re too early.

Keep calm:

Arriving on time will help – there’s nothing worse than having to rush and turning up flustered. Remember to smile, make eye contact and talk clearly. The people interviewing you may seem intimidation, but they are only human. Let your personality shine and be yourself. Remember – you deserve this job, so the interview is just about persuading them that you’re the right choice.

Give in-depth answers, but don’t waffle:

When it comes to questions about your experience or specific aspects of the job, go into as much detail as possible. Give multiple examples of how & when you achieved significant and relevant tasks and the skills you used to overcome issues. Don’t waffle on about irrelevant experiences though – make sure you listen carefully and have understood the question fully before you start to answer.

Don’t forget to breathe!

Don’t tell fibs:

It’s very easy to get caught out if you exaggerate your skills of lie about your experience. Honesty is always the best policy.

Remember your Body language:

Its not just what you say but how you say it. Try and develop rapport and get your personality across. Don’t fold your arms and look to the floor… eye contact is important.

Finally, ask questions:

Make sure you have prepared a few questions beforehand about the company, the job and the sector. Ask how specific market developments have affected the company, how they see the business evolving over the next 5 years or team social events. As well as giving you the opportunity to clarify any aspects of the role or information discussed in the interview, asking well thought out questions will demonstrate your interest in the position.

For more advice on how to succeed at interviews, call the Better Placed Recruitment team now and we’d be happy to give you more advice.