The unsung heroes!

2019 has gone so quickly but If I look back over the year and which roles have been the most challenging then this article does ring true.

 I quoted this stat in an article a while back, but there are now 180,000 charities in England. That’s a lot of noise in the market for people to cut through and decide which charity to support and fundraising teams have had to massively up their game to ensure they have a slice of this pie, with new ‘products’ and innovations to grab your attention and encourage you to give generously that are ever evolving.

Key trends I have seen this year and top tips for clients to think about when hiring in this area:

1) Be open-minded on background. Traditionally in a lot of charity roles in marketing and comms where we also specialise, clients ideally look for people from a charity background. In fundraising its increasingly becoming common to hire from the commercial sector and look for people who come from traditional customer acquisition and retention backgrounds, such as retail, entertainment, financial services.

2) Think about the return on investment an awesome candidate is going to bring rather than only benchmarking your salary bandings v’s other charities who are recruiting. If you pay a little bit more, you are likely to reap the rewards v your revenue targets

3) Good people are in demand. Remember it’s a 2-way process to hire great talent. Move quickly to interview stage when you see a good CV, give constructive interview feedback, make it a positive experience for the candidate as they may be a future employee, even if not this time

4) Make your best and final offer straight away. Don’t; risk a bidding war – set your stall out from the off.

5) Nurturing and looking after your current staff, finding someone with this skillset is sort after and difficult to find

I would love to help anyone who would appreciate some more clarity or advice on any of these points – whether you’re a candidate or a client. Also don’t forget we offer an interim service as well as permanent, so if you have a hard to fill role that’s leaving a gap in the team that’s putting pressure on campaign deadlines, then give us a call and we can try our best to help!