The Solution For Autumnal Recruitment Issues

The solution for extended Autumnal recruitment issues? Temps of course!

As scary as it sounds we are within fingertip reach of Autumn /Winter 2017. That long awaited Indian summer has probably turned around and headed back to wherever it was never coming from. Halloween is fast approaching and Bonfire Night is just a sizzling few weeks away. Oh and the “joyful” Christmas Carols will be looping in the shops imminently (the less fun bit of Christmas) along with endless supplies of mince pies, chocolate and festive fun (the best bit!)

But what does all this fanciful distraction mean in the world of recruitment? Delays, delays, delays (like certain rail networks whose name we will not mention!)


Why? What’s all the fuss about?

If you are recruiting a permanent job right now, and haven’t secured the offer to your preferred candidate – the odds are, that by the time you have finished the approval process and they have handed their notice in, you’ll be welcoming your new starter just before the Christmas party (and let’s be honest they probably will want to stay for their end of year bonus) or worse still if they are on three months notice you might be welcoming them just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Yes – that’s how shocking the realisation is! You could be waiting at least 4 months for your team to be complete … maybe longer.


What next?

Let’s look at the situation right now? The odds are that within the next month or so, the incumbent to the role will have left? You may well already have a vacant chair in the office and a pile of projects that urgently need attention? Your existing team is stretched to capacity and are casually booking the last week of their annual leave in before Christmas so that they don’t risk losing their holidays? Sounds familiar? Probably – because this is the same story we hear every year from August onwards!


What’s the solution then?

Freelancers. Interim employees. Temporary Staff. Contractors. That’s the solution to your problem. Simply that!


Why freelance?

Our clients depend on us to find capable interim candidates to boost a team in these transitional times – be it someone overqualified who can take control and manage the whole project of the permanent person who is being replaced.

Or sometimes we find juniors to plug a skills gap and make sure that the team is not suffering from a lack of resources.


Recruitment Solution image

Main reasons a freelancer can help this Autumn / Winter:                                                   

  • Plugging the skills gap following resignations / lengthy recruitment processes / long notice periods for new starters
  • Projects needing completing and existing teams already overstretched
  • Festive season is fast approaching – team members are on higher annual leave days
  • Headcount – work needs doing but your permanent headcount is restricted.


We are meeting many immediately available candidates across all industry sectors within Marketing and HR across all of our offices. Many of these are professional freelancers – they spend their careers fixing these problems. They become the superhero in a team! Even if it’s only for a few months. Then you become the superhero for finding them!

We’re recruiting roles including brand management, category management, marketing management, insights and digital marketing across all sectors (FMCG, Retail, Not for Profit, Charity, Agency, Financial Services, Professional Services and more). Some examples of the roles are listed below so you can see how we are helping other businesses in your shoes!


If you have any questions about the best way to recruit someone in a freelance capacity why not contact me; (London) or (Manchester) to learn more about the roles we can help you with. You will see that there are other consultants across the business who also look after temporary (and permanent) positions so we can all assist you, depending on the sector you work in.