One Month in Recruitment – Tom Adams

There is always an element of apprehension mixed in with excitement when beginning a new job. Has the right decision been made – leaving familiar territory to take a leap into the unknown? I can answer this question with a resounding ‘Yes’!

My first month has been a whirlwind of meeting new people and new challenges and I’ve loved it! Although I’m new to Recruitment, my experience as assistant manager with Enterprise Rent A Car has stood me in good stead. As I also have experience in Sales and Marketing, this area of specialist recruitment is ideal.

I felt from the outset that I would fit in with the team and ethos at Better Placed Recruitment. I felt an affinity with the approach and belief ‘that you don’t actually know someone until you’ve actually met them’. I have been on the other side – a graduate seeking employment where, on the one hand, I was bombarded by recruitment consultants pushing me to go for any job, no matter how unsuitable, or being met with utter indifference on the other. I am committed to the personal approach, ensuring that clients and candidates are well matched. It is essential to know the skills, wants, needs and strengths of all parties – what is being offered, what can be provided. Not to waste time or cause frustration. Professional integrity creates trust and a good rapport with both clients and candidates. This ethos also makes for a happy working environment. All-round job satisfaction is very important to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first few weeks and look forward to progressing as time goes on.

There has been a lot to learn as I’ve been getting to know new systems, prioritising and finding out how this industry works from the inside. There’s a constant buzz as consultants, driven to succeed, do their utmost to match suitable candidates to the positions offered. I have been welcomed and supported by the entire team, especially by my Senior Consultant. I have been guided, encouraged and inspired.

As you may have gathered, my natural enthusiasm remains undiminished and continues to grow! I hope to master the skill of replacing the whiteboard pen on the magnetic board rubber in due course and one day I’m determined to give a spot-on answer to the tea question quiz and astound you all!

December, January and beyond…bring it on!