Oh What a Night!

There are awards nights and there are awards night… this was definitely one of the better ones. No, lets not under egg it, it was the best awards night I’ve ever been to, simple!

With any of these things there’s a level of nervous anticipation that accompanies the occasion, it was no different for the Sunday Times Top 100 Small Companies to work for. The words that everyone kept saying, ‘ Just being in the Top 100 is a fantastic achievement’ were ringing in my ears as we entered the fantastic venue at the Battersea Evolution. That after all was the objective when I first mentioned the idea to Andrew, Dean and our Board when we set out on this journey and entered last year. We might be many things us recruiters but uncompetitive isn’t one of them. Surely we’d be in the Top 50, we’re a great bunch at Better Placed, but I would say that wouldn’t I!

Our host for the evening was the inimitable Mark Durden-Smith, apparently a late replacement (you would never have known), who showed off his wit, charm and versatility in keep us all engaged and the show moving throughout the night.  As a new entrant, it was our first time at the awards and there had been much debate about how the rankings would be showcased and highlighted. Would it be a simple count down from 100, surely not. Do you remember Top of the Pops? No, lets not go there! It will probably be just the Top 20, so how would we know where we would be ranked?

You could sense the audible groan around the Better Placed table with the news that just the top 5 companies would be announced. They were right, just being in the Top 100 was a fantastic achievement.  What happened next is without doubt the proudest five minutes that I think Better Placed has enjoyed over its past 15 years. We watched in awe as the Brainlabs crew collected their second award of the evening and joyfully celebrated their achievement of 5th placed. Then our host began, ‘and in 4th place, it’s Better Placed.’ The reaction that followed spoke volumes for our business, unbridled joy, excitement, elation and a party that we won’t forget!

So what does it mean to be voted the 4th Best Small Company to work for in the UK? Without doubt there is a huge sense of pride and achievement in receiving such an accolade. To do it at the first time of entering makes it extra special. More than anything though, I think the process is something that has allowed us to really foster the engagement and sense of belonging that we have at Better Placed. It gives you confidence and belief in what you’re doing as a business and a board, when your people and the teams they work in so positively endorse their place of work and attach real value to how positively they feel about their careers and life at Better Placed. For us, like many other organisations, you like to think that you’re surrounding yourself with talented people, that you’re clear in where the business is going and that people feel engaged, happy and invested in what they are doing.  More than anything this tremendous achievement is testimony to those things. In an industry that is solely people based that means everything to us.

It was therefore very fitting that last Friday 2nd March, Better Placed joined all those other companies that made the Sunday Times Top 100 list in celebrating Best Companies Day. We spent a few hours enjoying our success, with the teams and people that made it happen. So, it was champers all round for everyone, a toast to Better Placed and a perfect way to get the weekend started!!

We might be many things us recruiters, and now we’re the Sunday Times 4th Best Small Company to work for. Who would have thought that… well done everyone in the Better Placed family you should be deservedly very proud.