What Not To Do at your Office Christmas Party

Christmas is fast approaching, and so are the office Christmas parties. So, here is a quick list of what not to do whilst at your company’s Xmas bash!

  • Don’t drink too much!

You can definitely have a good few drinks, but don’t cross the line – especially if you haven’t been with the business that long and this is your first social occasion with some of your work colleagues and managers.  Depending on the type of business you work for, the office Christmas party can still be a relatively professional setting. Be mindful of who is there and who you wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself in-front of. Remember your next pay-rise or promotion is in their hands!

  • Make sure to socialise

No one likes to see somebody sat in a corner on their own and on their mobile. So make sure you socialise and talk to people, this is a great way to get to know people you may not have spoken to before in the office as well as networking and showing what more you have to offer. However, do make sure you don’t spend the whole night talking about work.

  • Try not to start gossiping 

It can be very tempting to start gossiping among a group of colleagues you’re close to at work, however, when you’ve had a few drinks be mindful of what you are saying and ultimately don’t go too far!

  • Not turn up to work the next day 

There is no excuse that will work the day after your Christmas party as to why you haven’t turned up. Okay, it might be acceptable to turn up a little later, or look like you’ve just rolled out of bed – but make the concious effort to actually go to work! You’re sure in the knowledge there will be plenty of others feeling just as rough as you do!

  • Don’t use it as an opportunity to address the fact you feel you are underpaid 

Your office Christmas party is not the place for you to discuss salary or promotion, even if it is something you’ve been wanting to discuss for a while. Don’t take the opportunity to tackle this whilst having some Dutch courage after a couple of drinks. Keep this conversation for the office and the office only!