IR35 Reforms

In a time when good news is scarce, the government’s announcement yesterday that the IR35 reforms for the private sector are on hold for another year will be a welcomed relief to contractors.

In a climate of business uncertainty, we think there may well be a strong movement towards using seasoned interim staff to keep things going for any organisations who are nervous about permanent hires. The delay of these reforms just takes a hurdle out of the way on affordability for contractors who were concerned about dropping their rates to PAYE levels and also clients who may otherwise have only been able to secure a more junior interim PAYE candidate for the same total charge as a more senior contractor operating via a limited company.

If you are feeling nervous about hiring roles permanently but do still have a need for staff, then we have many years of experience in placing interim candidates into roles and have a bank of people ready to talk to who can all be payrolled by Better Placed, therefore giving you maximum flexibility and minimum commitment/risk.

If this is a solution that could benefit your business then please contact