International Women’s Day

Chatting to my 16 year old daughter this week, she asked me if there is an International Men’s Day? When I replied that there wasn’t, she said “well I don’t understand why women have to have one.” Talking to her further and underpinning her comment is that she feels she is growing up in a world much more equal than the one I grew up in. However, she’s blessed with the naivety of youth, still at college and yet to enter the working world! We wait to see what she will encounter once she leaves the cocoon of education and it will be interesting to see how long it is before we don’t need to have #IWD because male vs female equality is more of a given. At Better Placed we are proud to have 2 women as Board Directors Liz Hopkins and Rachel O’Sullivan. Five years ago our Directors were all male and whilst the male/female split on the Board still isn’t numerically equal, the positive change in ethos, culture and decision making about the future of the business has been game changing. What’s more, over 50% of our staff in total are women. So happy #IWD2020 to all these amazing women who work at Better Placed and BPE Search and to a continuously evolving workplace that will not disappoint my daughter as she enters the working world!