The Importance of Time When Recruiting

The hiring process for employers can be a very time consuming task. As the market changes it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to manage their recruitment processes quickly and efficiently.

Since the start of the New Year we’ve seen an upwards trend in clients missing out on top talent because of the time its taking for employers to engage, progress and offer the candidate they want . This has resulted in clients losing candidate engagement or ending up in a counter offer scenario on the back foot.

The recruitment market is extremely candidate led, and businesses that are aware of this are able to take control by planning ahead and being prepared for all outcomes. From the moment we engage with a strong candidate we know there’s only a matter of time before they’re going to have multiple options on the table; and so maintaining candidate engagement is extremely important.

Our forward thinking clients are aware that their competitors won’t be hanging around when it comes to progressing with good candidates. We’ve seen an increase of offers being made on the spot at 2nd stage interview, which gives candidates a strong sense that these employers want them on board and are committed to them personally.

When we take a brief from a client, we advise them to have a clear objective on timeframe. Thinking about the ideal start date helps to plans and organise each stage of the process.

If you’re looking to hire someone for your business, here’re a few tips on how to manage your interview/offer processes effectively:

Act fast! Get those candidates locked in for 1st stage interviews ASAP!

Feedback! Proving detailed feedback on CVs and interviews doesn’t just build your credibility as an employer; it also helps the candidate to understand their strengths and weaknesses in the process, and what to focus on in their next interview.

Be prepared! Have in mind your availability for 2nd stage interviews, and get the candidates you want to progress with locked in straight away!

Be on the front foot! At 2nd stage you really want to be thinking about potential offers. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the candidate expectations, and also know what you would be comfortable offering along with details of the package and start date.

Share your interest! Don’t be afraid to feedback to candidates on the spot on how they’ve performed in the interview, giving the candidates a good sense that you’re keen leaves them feeling really positive about the experience.

MAKE THE OFFER! If you have a good feeling about the candidate, and can see them fitting well into your team, don’t delay! We recommend to make the official offer quickly after the final interview. The time in between the final interview and an offer makes a MASSIVE difference to how the candidate feels.