Education Marketing Round-Up Vol 1.

This is my first roundup since joining the Betterplaced business over a year ago. During that time, I have had many opportunities working amongst the best Education Marketing Professionals across Yorkshire, North East and the Midlands. I have placed candidates at all levels and worked with some truly inspirational businesses.

The sector is constantly changing and one of the most satisfying aspects of my job, other than meeting and placing great marketing talent, is the insight I have gained from speaking with knowledgeable candidates and clients. So here’s my round up with some of the most current snippets of news in the market.

Attracting students in STEM courses can sometimes be tricky; the government are looking into a reduction in fees and an increase in grants which has the potential to radically influence the interest in these courses. Future developments are definitely worth keeping an eye out for.


English Fee Cut, grant plan would give ‘more control’ to aid STEM
Current university demographics, levels of male and female applications and earning discrepancies for male graduates when comparing millennials to Generation X.
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Yes, millennial men are earning less than Generation X – but don’t feel too sorry for us

A modern yet controversial approach to university applications.
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Historians will laugh when they look back at our university application system

An interesting read in light of Brexit and the influence of an educated population.
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Brexit caused by low levels of education, study says

The impact of Brexit on research funding and its negative impact on the sciences.
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Brexit barriers on European collaborations ‘ would harm science’, say top university leaders

International student recruitment. A key area for improvement for many universities is their ability to understand this demographic and how they monitor success.
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How can universities help international students feel at home?

Within this sector, there is always plenty going on and much to consider when Marketing to a vast student audience. I hope you have found some of this information helpful and that it gives you an insight into considerations within the marketplace.
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