Doing my bit for Charity!

I have been recruiting into the not-for-profit sector for the last year and so spend my days hearing about the amazing work that charities do and how important community fundraising is to achieving their goals.

Based on this I wanted to do something that gives back to the industry I spend my working day talking about.

The idea of helping change the life of a child was really appealing to me and so when I heard about The Little Princess Trust, I knew I had found my winner!

The Little Princess Trust is an amazing charity that helps provide wigs to thousands of sick children who are going through cancer treatment and would like to wear one until their hair grows back. Each wig costs £550 to produce, but makes such a difference in helping children regain their confidence after going through such a tough time.

You can donate hair, fundraise for them, or do both and so I have decided to do both! I’m well underway with growing my hair to the right level needed (7 inches/17cm for each donation) and so I am unashamedly going to add the link below to my sponsorship page if you would like to help contribute in some way.

Pictures will follow when it’s hair cut time!

I’m also on the look out for ideas on how our team can use our company charity volunteer day for 2020.

What ideas do you have of things you have done before or that your organisation has on offer…?