Rian Hoey


Recruiting for B2B Marketing Professionals

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Why I joined Better Placed :

When making my decision on the company I wanted to work for and progress in a career which was going to give me the best opportunities, I felt Better Placed stood out as being very consultative in their approach which resonated very well with me. It also came down to gelling really well with the team over a couple of beers and we have had many more beers since!

Initially I began at Better Placed in the Retail/Leisure/Travel industry, recruiting for some of the UK’s leading brands. I have since moved into the B2B space which is a fantastic market full of companies who operate in very specialist areas and I love learning more about them and their own unique style of Marketing! My remit is Digital, Product and Traditional Marketing across the B2B sector.

Why send us/me your CV :

BPR are leaders in their field, we have relationships built on trust and delivery with the most prominent businesses in our sectors, often on an exclusive basis. Simply put, working in partnership with Better Placed gives you the opportunity to open more doors and have a wider range of options available to you. Our consultative ethos also applies to our candidates and we will give you realistic advice in terms of what to expect from a job search and all possibilities available to you.

Something you may not know about me :

Not hugely exciting maybe but something you don’t know – I am a massive fan of the ukulele which I decided to pick up as a new hobby a few years ago. Unfortunately my singing is woeful so I need to play it quite loudly to drown myself out!