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Liz Hopkins

  • Position: Board Director

So why did i join Better Placed:

simple really...

A boutique agency, meaning more ability and time to focus on in-depth candidate and client relationships – tick

A business that values quality, consultative work over volume of CV’s and number of clients on their books – tick

A chance to build a team of great consultants who can do exactly what it says on the tin – consult and add value– tick

A place where I genuinely enjoy spending time with my work colleagues – tick!

Recruitment agencies can get a really hard time in terms of their reputation and at times, it’s justified. However I feel really proud to work for an agency that goes the extra mile, asks the questions that others don’t, really helps and advises our candidates and clients and as a result enjoys fruitful long term relationships, rather than working on one off transactions.

Why send us/me your CV :

At BPR we take the time to really get to know candidates to extract more info than most about their transferrable skills, stand out achievements and importantly what kind of business ‘fits’ with their personality and ambitions. We don’t pay lip service to taking down a list of requirements from a candidate and adding a CV to a database, never to be seen again. We give constructive, honest feedback on how we can (and sometimes how we can’t) help, but no matter what, will give you advice to point you in the right direction. Importantly aswell, we don’t lose sight of the fact that finding the right job is central to your life and try our best to hold your hand through the process!

Something you may not know about me :

I have an irrational fear of anything that flies and even two rounds of hypnotherapy can’t cure it!