Danny Quinn


Not for Profit, Education & Professional Services

0161 238 6700


Danny Quinn

Specialist Area:

I specialise in recruiting marketers for the Not for Profit, Education & Professional Services space.

Why did I join:

It was a tough decision to leave my previous role but I was aiming to move back up north and was on the lookout for a recruitment agency that not only had strong core values and a great work environment but who could also provide me with the training and career development that would enable me to continue succeeding in the marketing space. Better Placed ticked all the boxes I was looking for and made me feel right at home, they even treated me to a couple of pints at the local where I met the team!

Why send us/me your CV:

After successfully recruiting in the Media sector for 2 years in a very competitive London market I have decided to ply my trade in the North West. If you’re looking for a new role then you will want to work with a proactive agency that can provide you all of the advice and support you need. I know a lot of recruiters say similar things but I truly believe in the service that myself and my colleagues can offer – get in touch and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Something you may not know about me:

I was born in London, was raised in the North East but have lived in various places around the world. A not so professional talent of mine that I picked up at Uni is that I can finish a Jaeger Bomb faster than anyone I’ve ever met