Bobbie Brockbank


Marketing, Agency, Not-for-Profit

0113 236 4040

Georgie Brockbank (Bobbie)

Why did you join Better Placed Recruitment?

The thing that initially attracted me to Better Placed was that company had all of the requirements I needed to have a successful career. Alongside the established reputation the company holds within the recruitment industry, an extensive training programme, plenty of room for career progression and a great work space, it was when I met the people that after my first interview I knew it was the place for me. The approach they took getting to know me as a person and the time taken to find out what was best for me really does resonate in the values Better Placed hold as a company.

I am now surrounded by a group of fun, caring, dedicated, hardworking(!!) likeminded individuals… I love it!

Why should you send me your CV?

As I am very approachable, personable and professional I am able to adapt to any given work with any kind of person, whether that be a client or a candidate. For me, it is about really delving into what you want from your ideal role by getting to know you as a person. In my proactive approach I will always work tirelessly to make sure your needs met and will help you every step of the way. Additionally, my degree in Psychology (BSc Hons) has allowed me to undertake a vast amount of research looking at and understanding what makes us tick. This has given me many transferable skills… that I could also give to you!

The one thing you didn’t know about me is..?

My real name is not actually Bobbie, it’s Georgie! Being the first born, my mother wasn’t expecting me to ‘bob’ around so much in her stomach and the nickname has stuck with me since before I was even born.