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Coming Up For Air

Wow! What an exciting, challenging and rewarding first five months of 2017 we have had at Better Placed HR People. Time to come up for air, take stock and in doing so I wanted to share with everyone the journey we have been on so far. As many of my network know the first few […]

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The 10 Leeds Digital Marketers You...

If you are pursuing a career in marketing then where better to engage with fellow marketers than on Twitter? Here are ten personalities based in the Leeds area and are well worth a follow.   Danny Graham @dagra2 Danny is never one to fray away from a funny tweet. Boasting impressive 15.9K followers, Danny has […]

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Top tips on inspiring your staff, d...

Find inspiration anywhere The internet is full of #MondayMotivation sayings and quotes every week. But, who even said everyone needs motivating on a Monday? When you love your job, you’re consistently motivated to do great work, however, sometimes you need an inspiration boost. We have put together some ideas that will help you and your […]

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How to get into HR

How to get into HR – 5 ways to ki...

Getting started down any career path can be difficult, especially in competitive fields. But there are a number of things you can do to get ahead of the competition and make sure you make the most of the experience you gather along the way too. So, for those of you wondering how to get into […]

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Better Placed HR People – An...

Who is James Lawson? I have spent the last 10 years working my way up through a market leading recruitment business in the East Midlands. I built the HR recruitment business into a brand consisting of 12 consultants spread across the East Midlands where we became widely recognised as the leader in the East Midlands HR […]

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company culture

How to embed new staff within compa...

As 2017 is here it has become even more important for companies around the world to install a positive company culture. The reasons why embedding this into your company is a beneficial act are simple: you combine people and products or services with positive culture and they become bigger, stronger and more impactful than others, […]

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How Ed Balls can help you get your...

I’m glad the title caught your attention. So, can Ed Balls really help you get your dream job? Yes, I believe his experience on Strictly Come Dancing absolutely can. It’s obvious to everyone that throughout the course of the show Ed Balls has become more and more popular. Whether you watched Strictly or not it […]

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company values

Is having a set of Company “Value...

Company values are one of the major buzzwords of the corporate world and the majority of businesses from SMEs to PLCs have a set of carefully crafted values by which they do business. Better Placed is no different and our recently updated company values, give a framework to how our business operates and how we […]

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employee engagement

5 festive ways to boost employee en...

With Christmas just around the corner, now is a great time to start planning some festive employee engagement ideas! Why is employee engagement important? Because, at the top level, there’s an undeniable correlation between employee engagement levels and corporate success. Firstly, engaged staff outperform disengaged staff by nearly 30% (The Conference Board, 2006) whilst businesses […]

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