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Improving your drinking experience&...

Pete Brown has done a lot of work on this topic, as well as writing a great blog about everything beer. Pete talks about how your senses overlap and can confuse, alter and accentuate each other. Here are some of the suggestions, courtesy of The Drinks Business, for matching that came up from a recent experiment that […]

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Mind your body language!

“It’s not what you say, but how you say it…” At least that’s what they say. Whoever ‘they’ may be, they do seem to have a point – because there’s no point in having all the right answers if your body language is screaming ‘stay away’ to a prospective employer. Let’s look at a few […]

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TOP TEN TIPS on showing your boss y...

1         Bide your time – especially if you haven’t been in your present role for long. Timing is everything! 2         Know the market – check what the going market rate is for your position and location before you act. Here’s a good place to start! 3         Drop hints, but don’t issue an ultimatum. A subtle […]

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