Now the hangovers and various injuries have passed, the memories of the day live on in picture form!

There were winners and losers – those taking the glory and those the shots!

A fantastic day though and thanks to all those that took part and were involved with the organisation.

Looking forward to round two in 2016!

Memories of the day

pic 1

Better Placed Summer BBQ and Sports Day 2015.

pic 12

Paul Newell in training for the Wheelbarrow race…..

pic 11

Directors Presentation. The Day had to have some serious content!

pic 10

Before the games commenced…. Not sure this was the best preparation!

pic 2

Team Gibbo – ready to take the field!

pic 3

Team Bendy… a couple of big lads upfront! Looking good for the tug-of-war! (Although lost out to Team Gibbo!)

pic 4

The Dream Team! Team Dean…. Didn’t quite live up to that billing!

pic 5

And the winners…. Stevo’s team… Well done all, great effort and thoroughly deserved.

pic 6

Losing Bet : A few Peronis seem to have taken the edge off the pain of handing over £50 !

pic 7

Captain Gibbo! Getting Pulled around the rounders field!

pic 8

What better way to travel…. We gave the Otley run a good go, but some taxis were on hand to assist the injured/lazy few!

All in all it was a fantastic day! Fancy joining us for 2016?