George gives us an insight into his first 8 weeks at BPR

Eight weeks into my career at Better Placed, and a question I keep getting asked by candidates and clients alike, is “how’s your first couple of months been?”. So I thought I’d share it with the world (or at least my Linked In network).
Leaving Michael Page to join a smaller independent agency was a really tough decision. Whilst it was considered and I was confident I was making the right move for me, I must admit to a mini anxiety attack the night before my first day. “What if I’ve made a mistake?” “The grass isn’t always greener, George!” “What if nobody wants to work with me now I’m not attached to the MP brand?” etc etc.

It’s given me a much more current appreciation for how tough it can be to take that leap of faith, we as recruiters are constantly encouraging candidates to take.So how has it been? Well pretty much exactly like I hoped it would be! Better Placed have an amazing reputation even wider than I realised. I’ve had messages on Linked In, calls and emails from people in my network that have voluntarily expressed their well wishes and positive impression of the BP team. Which brings me onto perhaps the biggest unknown – the team! More commonly than ever, the term ‘culture’ plays a large part in the recruitment process. It was immediately clear that I’m amongst a very talented, driven and people-focused group of individuals, that share the mentality of wanting to do a great job for both sides of the fence. My immediate team is made up of seven (yes seven!) recruiters that all specialise in agency recruitment across the North and Midlands. It’s been great to share my knowledge with them but I’ve also learnt so much in a short period of time.Whilst it helps, working for a well-respected brand and part of a great set of recruiters, doesn’t pay the bills for me. I still had to generate some jobs to work, and some candidates to help.

The reality is, the agency space is, and possibly always will be, talent driven. Taking advantage of the relationships BP have, and using my experience to identify relevant talent, I’m pleased to say that I’m already very busy and delighted to have played a part in securing two candidates new roles that they were both over the moon to accept. The part of the job that will never get old!A long answer to a short question, I know! But in brief, it’s awesome to be part of the Better Placed Agency team, and as ever, very keen to chat to any of you wonderful agency bods!