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Better Placed NewsMonth: June 2019

The changing face of recruitment...

The recruitment industry – and the way that people find their next role – has changed dramatically in the last few years. The scaling of technology has had both positive and negative effects on the way that businesses seek new talent – and, like in any other industry, we’ve had to adapt our value proposition […]

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Hints & tips for CV writing!...

In my role I am asked on a daily basis to give advice on CV’s. Something I love to help with. A poor CV can make a superb candidate look unemployable and vice versa. Your CV should not be the reason you miss out on your dream job. Of course, everyone has their own opinion […]

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What the hell’s happening in the...

Whether I’m meeting with a new contact, or catching up with someone I’ve known for years, I know that, at some point in the conversation, I’m always going to get the same question – “so what’s happening in the current market?” Typically, we see the same ebb and flow year-in-year out: a rush of vacancies in […]

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A day at #leedsdigi week and the #W...

The gender diversity still remains disappointingly low in the Digital and Tech industry, only 17% of women occupy digital roles – which blows my mind! Today I was lucky enough to be part of #Leedsdigi19 week and attend #WILDigital, the brainchild of Sarah Tulip and Deb Hetherington who aim to provide a great opportunity for […]

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