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Better Placed NewsMonth: May 2017

10 Recruitment Trends you must Know...

It’s always good to stay on top of what is coming up in the world of recruitment and strategy. As recruiters, it is our job to keep you at the forefront of recruiting trends and everything recruitment based. So here is a rundown of what we believe are the essential trends in the world of […]

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Should the boss be on social media?...

It could be said that there’s something of a clear divide when it comes to CEOs: those that started managing before the advent of social media, and those who have never managed without it. The difference is quite an important one when it comes to social media attitudes of those leading companies. For those which […]

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The 10 Leeds Digital Marketers You...

If you are pursuing a career in marketing then where better to engage with fellow marketers than on Twitter? Here are ten personalities based in the Leeds area and are well worth a follow.   Danny Graham @dagra2 Danny is never one to fray away from a funny tweet. Boasting impressive 15.9K followers, Danny has […]

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