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Better Placed NewsMonth: December 2016

How Ed Balls can help you get your...

I’m glad the title caught your attention. So, can Ed Balls really help you get your dream job? Yes, I believe his experience on Strictly Come Dancing absolutely can. It’s obvious to everyone that throughout the course of the show Ed Balls has become more and more popular. Whether you watched Strictly or not it […]

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company values

Is having a set of Company “Value...

Company values are one of the major buzzwords of the corporate world and the majority of businesses from SMEs to PLCs have a set of carefully crafted values by which they do business. Better Placed is no different and our recently updated company values, give a framework to how our business operates and how we […]

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employee engagement

5 festive ways to boost employee en...

With Christmas just around the corner, now is a great time to start planning some festive employee engagement ideas! Why is employee engagement important? Because, at the top level, there’s an undeniable correlation between employee engagement levels and corporate success. Firstly, engaged staff outperform disengaged staff by nearly 30% (The Conference Board, 2006) whilst businesses […]

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