Innovation Consultant / Venture Developer

About this job

My client is a unique consultancy – part innovation, part VC and part business coaching. Their team of 10 work with a range of clients around the world, helping them develop meaningful, purpose driven new propositions in brand new markets.

For example, they’ve recently worked on developing a banking infrastructure in an overseas low income market (with Barclays), and they’re currently working on a peer-to-peer car sharing proposition (confidential, but global car manufacturer). Other projects include developing a range of educational toys for autistic children (Disney) an building a corporate lending platform that uses blockchain to increase transparency in supply chains to prevent child labour (now spun off in to it’s own fintech).

They don’t work like classic consulting firms – i.e. here’s the problem, now we’ll go and solve it for you – it’s about guiding internal teams through the process, much like a business coach would. They take the proposition to a point where it’s investible, then pitch it back to ExCo across the organisation to secure sign off. In the last few years, they’ve launched over 20 new ventures in markets across the world, generating £100ms of revenue for their clients whilst doing some truly noticeable good.

They’re looking for like minded, purpose led individuals, who have the ability to navigate a corporate structure – and who want to join their business to make big changes in some of the world’s top brands. You’d be tasked with developing a C-suite network in some of the world’s biggest companies and, ultimately, bringing these projects to life.

If you’re currently working for another consultancy, but you’re tired of just making numbers go up in spreadsheet and you want to make a genuine impact – this could be the perfect new role.

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